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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Japanese Connect the “Qi” balls and let them go! Kamehameha!
A transcendental fights that surpasses all of “Dragon Ball Z” Battles!

 Intuition! Dokkan! Super pleasure! Battle development

Tap the “Ki” ball in the battle screen!
You can easily release super powerful special moves!

Dream battle by “Dragon Ball” warriors

Familiar warriors are here!
Power up and awaken the characters and push the limits!
Aim to go for the strongest team in consideration of the attributes and categories of the characters you have raised!

 The stage of these battles are in the world of “Dragon Ball”!

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Japanese has Various eras and characters that have been mixed
The adventure starts with the warrior “Trunks” from the future!
New Adventures with rich maps created the game mode in many locations
Enjoy the original story with attractive characters!

Relive the world of “Dragon Ball”!

“Story Line” that reproduces the animation, “Super fierce battle” where strong enemies appear, and “Tenkaichi Budokai”
In addition, there is the “Extreme Z Battle” and the “Super Battle Road” for advanced players, etc.
Let’s challenge various events and play “Dokkan Battle”!

[Recommended OS version] Android 4.4 and above

Get it on  Google Play

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