Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle APK

dokkan battle apk

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle introduces you to the epic world for Dragon Ball where all characters from the past, present, and future gather for the ultimate battles to find the strongest. And here, you’ll have a chance to play by creating your ultimate team of both the heroes and villains to battle against others. Discover the unique and intuitive combats and enjoy fun and exciting in-game experiences.

You can explore the vast and in-depth gameplay as you lead your team through a series of epic challenges against other opponents. Discover the power of Ki and have endless fun battling some of the strongest enemies in a satisfying battles. Enjoyable and captivating stories with the visual storytelling and intuitive animations.

More importantly, you can enjoy the game while playing with friends and gamers from all over the world. Get more involved in many interesting in-game events and discover more enjoyable content as you advance in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle.

dokkan battle apk

Here is some of the exciting features that Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle has to offer:

Explore the simple yet incredibly addictive gameplay
For those who will try the game, you’ll find yourself easily getting familiar with the simple yet addictive gameplay in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. That said, all you need to do is to tap on the Ki Spheres that are presented on the battle screen to unlock your amazing attacks. Wait and prepare for your turn to start overwhelming your opponents. Perform amazing moves or Ki attacks to send your opponents flying in epic animations. Fight with the strongest foes in the epic Battles of Dragon Ball Dokkan where the past, present, and future collide.

Play as your favorite Dragon Ball characters
Choose your favorite characters in Dragon Ball and play as both the villains and heroes in this series. Build the strongest team with the powers of the top warriors in the series such as Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, Brody, and many others. Each character in the game has their own unique abilities and powers, which allow them to effectively take down your enemies.

The higher your characters level the better stats they would feature. Thus, allowing for better chances of taking down your foes. Feel free to train and power up your characters to unlock more abilities for your heroes to place team. Awaken their inner potential to go be the best in this epic world of Dragon Ball where you’re surrounded by powerful legendary Fighters.

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